The Dorchester Day Parade Committee usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the breakfast room of the Ramada Inn located at 800 Morrissey Boulevard at 7:00 p.m. 

Due to scheduling conflicts, the February parade committee meeting will take place on February 24, 2015.

The meetings are open to all, so please stop by and become a supporter of the next parade.
Congratulations to the 2015 Dorchester Day Parade Chief Marshal - Mary-dith Tuitt!!!

A note from the 2015 Chief Marshal - 
I am excited to announce that I have been selected to be the Chief Marshall of the Dorchester Day Parade for 2015. As a resident of Dorchester and a female veteran of the United State Navy I am proud to carry this title for 2015 and to be working with the members of the Dorchester Day Parade committee.

Every year the Dorchester Day Parade commences on the first Sunday in June.  This is an event that is not just for Dorchester pride it is representative of the pride people of Boston have for their neighborhoods. Dot day parade is also a way that we were able to show support and give recognition to our veterans. 

As Senior Vice Commander of the Wm. E. Carter American Legion Post 16 in Mattapan it is also a pleasure to follow in the line of my comrades that have also been previous Chief Marshall’s: 

John R. Shanks Jr.
William E. Carter Post 16 A.L.

Warren E. Stewart Sr.
William Carter Post 16 A.L.

And as a member of the Afro-American Veterans Group, would like to recognize that our Founder was also a Chief Marshall the year before he went on to meet our fallen brothers and sisters:

Ralph Browne

This year the parade is scheduled to kick off on June 7, 2015. Look forward to seeing you there.

Mary-dith Tuitt
Chief Marshall of the Dorchester Day Parade 2015

The next Dorchester Day Parade Committee meeting is taking place on Tuesday, January 20th at 7 P.M.

The committee will be meeting at the Ramada Inn located at 800 Morrissey Blvd in the breakfast room. We will be reviewing 2015 Chief Marshal Nominations and discuss upcoming committee events. 

The committee is open to all and we hope you can join us.

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee wishes you all a happy holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving from the members of the Dorchester Day Parade Committee.

The 2015 Dorchester Day Parade Participation Forms for elected officials, non-profit organizations, and performing groups to be in the Dorchester Day Parade are now available online. The Dorchester Day Parade is taking place on Sunday, June 7th and the forms can be downloaded at


The Dorchester Day Parade Committee is proud to congratulate the winners of the 2014 Young and Little Miss Dorchester Contests. The new Little Miss Dorchester is Eleanor Moye-Gibbons and the new Young Miss Dorchester is Gina Cruz. 

The Dorchester Day Parade Committee is hosting its 3rd annual art contest open to all Dorchester residents in the 3rd through 6th grade or students that attend a Dorchester school. Two (2) prizes will be awarded to the drawings that are chosen from a panel of local judges. The entry forms are available at 
A completed registration form and Art must be postmarked by May 27, 2014 to be considered for a prize.
Mayor of Dorchester Candidate Erin Murphy is hosting a Karaoke Night on May 10th at St. Brendan’s Church in Father Lane Hall (15 Rita Road). Doors open at 7:00PM.  Come have a fun night with friends and neighbors at the same time you are supporting Erin and the Dorchester Day Parade Committee! Joey McEarchern is the guest DJ and cost of admission is $25 at the door.
The next Dorchester Day Parade Committee meeting is taking place this Wednesday, April 16th at 7 P.M.

The committee will be meeting at the Ramada Inn located at 800 Morrissey Blvd in the breakfast room. We will be reviewing the 2014 Mayor of Dorchester contest, discuss upcoming committee events, and look at the upcoming parade. 

At this meeting, the Parade Committee will showcase a time capsule sealed from over 25 years ago! Back in 1988, the Dorchester Allied Veterans Council presented a time capsule of Dorchester mementos including photos, letters, videotape and other materials commemorating local citizens and events, including the Dorchester Day Parade. The Parade Clerk at the time, John Harold, gave the key to his daughter and sent the capsule over to the MA Archives over at Umass Boston. e Clerk at the time, John Harold, gave the key to his daughter and sent the capsule over to the Massachusetts Archives by UMass Boston. We picked up the capsule and Kathy Dana (Harold) is brining the key. Come join us at the dinner and let's see what we find....

For those of you who were able to join us last month, we opened the capsule at the Annual Meatloaf Dinner.

We hope you can join us at the parade meeting.

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual Dorchester Day Parade Meatloaf Dinner held at the First Parish Church. You helped make the Kick-off of the Dorchester Day Parade season a huge success!

Thank you Rev. Arthur R. Lavoie for the blessing and as always, Gerard’s meatloaf is the best in town and was enjoyed by all.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Boston Fire Department and the family of the two heroes that lost their lives doing their job to protect us. We were honored to invite the firefighters from Meetinghouse Hill to come have dinner with us, but completely understand their not taking us up on the offer.

Thank you to all the Parade Committee members who helped out at the event. I can’t forget Mike Pratt, John Scannell and Ann Haywood for entertaining us with some wonderful musical numbers.  

Thank you Boston City Councilor Frank Baker, 13th Suffolk State Representative Democratic nominee Daniel Hunt, 5th Suffolk State Representative Candidates - Evandro Carvalho and Barry Lawton for stopping to support the Parade Committee.

Congratulations to the 2014 Essay Contest Winners: first place - Aedan Harasymiw and second place - Lilian Nguyen. The contest was sponsored again this year by the Dorchester Reporter. 

We were honored to have John Harold’s daughter (Kathy Dana) and her family come to the dinner. They opened up a time capsule that John Harold and the Dorchester Allied Veterans Council, Dorchester Day Parade and Celebrations Committees placed at the Massachusetts Archives over 25 years ago. For those who are interested in seeing what was in the capsule, we will be bringing the contents to the next Parade Committee meeting on April 16th. Don’t fret if you can’t make the meeting, we will bring it around to some upcoming Dorchester Day Parade  events. 

Speaking about events, please don’t forget to vote for Dorchester’s best chili at the Chili Cook-Off happening on Sunday, March 30th from 4-7 P.M. at the IBEW located at 256 Freeport Street. Admission is $20 per person / $30 for a family of four ($5 each additional child). Proceeds benefit the Dorchester Day Parade.

Thank you to Erin Murphy who is running for Mayor of Dorchester.  Please join us on wishing her well on her race and offer any support you can.

For more information about the Dorchester Day Parade Committee and the events leading up to the parade, please visit: